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From the gym floor days 20yrs ago, to the boutique fitness studios of East London, Jermaine has a vast experience in the fitness industry. He has worked as a Movement Choreographer & trainer with BBC Radio 1, DJ Dev, Supermodel Karlie Kloss & Stella McCartney for Adidas. After moving to the West Mids in 2016 together with Mrs Fieldz, FLZ FIT was born & now he’s on your doorstep with his vibe & let’s get it attitude.


As a qualified dance teacher, Adele translated her passion for movement to fitness 15yrs ago. Teaching in the studios of London she also coordinated studios as a regional fitness class lead as well as being a lecturer and curriculum manager in Sport & Performing Arts. Just before moving to the West Mids with Mr Fieldz, she performed in the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Lovingly named the smiling assassin, the happy vibes definitely come with some serious sweat.


With 14yrs of teaching experience, Maria teaches energetic classes as well as holistic yoga classes. She is a trained competitive dancer both abroad & in the UK. She’s a ball of energy, a Mum of 3, a food enthusiast & an upcycler! When you need some motivation, she’s totally got you.


With 10yrs of Yoga experience, Chanelle trained in Bali & then did her Advanced training in Mexico. With her worldly experience she brings teaching from the heart & soul. Chanelle loves how Yoga makes her feel emotionally, physically & mentally & she wants to share that with you.


Finding her love for fitness 20yrs ago, Wendy is super experienced & enthusiastic about your fitness journey. She brings power & balance to your workouts. She openly talks about her recovery from anorexia/bulimia earlier on in life. She found fitness & nutrition & a strength from exercise which shines through.


Ben is the newest member to the team & is making his debut to the industry. His fitness knowledge is first class & he brings a load of energy, plenty of enthusiasm and lots of character. He loves putting himself through his sessions himself to help motivate you through each & every class. Ben loves nothing more than seeing people leave the studio with a smile and a sweat on!

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Barnt Green


The Old Gospel Hall

Barnt Green Road

Cofton Hackett

B45 8NB



Unit 3 Crooks Lane


B80 7QX




Pay as you go or FEELZ FITTER Unlimited no contract monthly membership - you choose.

At FLZ FIT we want to make you FEELZ FIT.  With two studios, one in Studley - Warwickshire and one in Barnt Green - Bromsgrove, plus online On Demand classes. It's all about unique ever evolving Fitness Classes & Personal Training. The vibe is very real, it's a feeling & an energy that works your body whilst feeding your soul.

We're not your average Fitness space. We sit in a world where £64billion a year is spent on weight loss via products and services. With marketing & social media that that tells you there's something wrong with you, you're not enough, you need this diet, that cream, this workout & so on.

At FLZ FIT, we stand up to that. We stand with open hearts to everybody & every body. Our passion is in helping you to find the space to breathe and the boost to be yourself unapologetically. That's a physical thing, in feeling fit & healthy with a strong, supple body that protects and serves your everyday life. It's also a mental & emotional thing. In helping you find your power, encouraging you to be exactly who you are, the good, the bad & everything in-between. With us we look to build you, we won't tell you to be less but cheer you on to be more. We won't sell you "transformation packages" "drop a dress sizes programs" or "be the best you promos" -  all designed to "fix you." For you were never broken in the first place. You are you & we celebrate your wellbeing journey. We have a wealth of experience with a multitude of physical & mental health conditions. FLZ FIT is both your safe space, and your happy place.

FLZ FIT is the dream & passion of husband and wife fitness professionals Adele & Jermaine. The name comes from their surname and is pronounced FEELZ FIT! Together they have worked in the fitness industry for over 3 decades.

They moved from London in 2016 with the aim to set up their own boutique fitness studio bringing the atmosphere from the capital to the West Midlands. They first opened in Studley and have since added Barnt Green to their locations. Together with their hand picked team of instructors, FLZ FIT offers you energy, good vibes & a unique flavour of weekly fitness classes & bespoke personal training. They are Master Trainers with a strong ethos to ensure you get an awesome workout in an ego free environment. No judgement, no expectation, just motivation & something a little different. 

They have worked with i-D Magazine, the fashion photographer Juergen Teller, BBC Radio 1, DJ Dev, Stella McCartney for Adidas, Supermodel Karlie Kloss & performed in the London 2012 Opening Ceremony. Now, together with their super experienced team, they want to work with you! 

FEELZ FITTER Unlimited Membership

Unlimited classes at both of our studios

FEELZ FITTER £40/month

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Barnt Green Studio

Pay as you go £7.50/class

Studley Studio

Pay as you go £7.50/class

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